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Customised 200/300 Hour teacher training mentoring 

(registered with the Yoga Alliance)

For those wanting to learn how to teach yoga, deepen their understanding of the path and benefit from the exclusive experience of one-to-one mentoring in a style of yoga that was created out of my extensive experience within the field of yoga, Buddhism and mysticism.

A lot of my students don’t want to teach yoga, but they have a sincere interest in integrating the philosophies and practices of yoga to enhance their every day lives. I offer individually designed programs depending on the students goals, time, pace, level and location

If you’re looking for a teacher training program with a difference, if you don’t want to get lost in the crowd of a huge teacher training and confines you to specific dates and location, if you want to teach a solid, quality yoga class and move through the world with a genuine understanding of spirituality that feels authentic to you, then send me an email answering the following questions and let me design the perfect program that suits your specific goals.

1.     Why do I want to do this course?

2.     What is my vision? 

3.     Why is it important to me?

4.     Why now?

5.     Where do I live?

6.     How long do I want to complete the course in?

a)    3 months

b)   6 months

c)    1 year

d)   As long as it takes



All dharmaKaya® yoga teachers, whether they go on to teach or not, are of the highest standard, and according to them, it’s because of the unique personal training they receive during their journey.

Upon registration, you also get to be part of the dharmaKaya® yoga community both online and off, and you’ll enjoy membership benefits that include listing on the dharmaKaya® yoga website, first option on invitations to retreats like the Vintage Yoga experience and the annual Amorgos retreat in Greece, as well as member discounts on further mentoring, trainings, audio and video classes and coaching calls with Cherryl.

Because I travel between Munich and Zurich, and teach all over Europe, I offer tailor made packages that could include a week in your city! It’s that flexible.

Don’t let time and location keep you from getting the highest standard of yoga mentoring.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Warmest blessings along your path
Cherryl Duncan