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License to live the life you want


Hi, I’m Cherryl

Coach. Speaker. Author.

And an unapologetic believer in freedom. I have dedicated my life to being happy and part of that means helping you live the life you truly desire.

Join me on my 10 week program where I give you the tools to:

Know your purpose

Achieve your goals. Be they professional, personal, relationship, or spiritual

Be Free

Be Happy

Be Successful

Be an excellent and unapologetic communicator


10 weeks to Self Mastery


Become a Yoga Teacher Sept 2019

200 hour dharmaKaya® foundation Teacher Training

A collaboration between Cherryl Duncan and Dale Guthrie of Holism Health

With Cherryl’s extensive experience and knowledge in the philosophies of Yoga, modern day psychology, Western philosophy and mysticism,  and Dale’s experience and knowledge in the field of health, anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and adaptive yoga, they are a team that brings a unique and extensive training that equips you to:



Come with me on Retreat

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