Next teacher training October-December 2017

Yoga Teacher Training (Munich) 2017

Registered and certified with the Yoga Alliance (RYT 200)

Foundation training 200 hours

with Cherryl Duncan


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  •  Accredited yoga teaching certificate (registered with the Yoga Alliance )
  • 200 hours of training (philosophy, practical, theoretical 
  • 3 mandatory yoga classes a week (included in the offer) These can be done at home using the online audio and video classes)
  • Training manual 
  • Access to our online and offline community
  • Opportunity to be part of the online dharmaKaya community which means we support your personal yoga teaching goals and help promote you and get teaching jobs for you
  • Opportunity to start teaching straight after you finish the course


The Dharmakaya is the emptiness and omniscience of a Buddha’s mind. It is the result of the collection of wisdom. In the DharmaKaya Yoga method, we incorporate the wisdom as well as the compassion teachings of the Buddha to cultivate an elevated state of mind; as close to the Buddha’s mind as possible.

Practically speaking, it is a system of slow, controlled movements that always include elements of energy work, breath, philosophy and meditation.

DharmaKaya Yoga has authenticity at the heart of its teaching. The goal is to teach people to get real about who they are, to love who they really are and to express who they really are. Everyone has a unique and important voice to share, everyone has a specific path and purpose that, when realised results in a deeply fulfilling, rich and rewarding life. It’s only when we stop living the life we were expected to live that we can truly live the life we were meant to live.

Everyone can be a yoga teacher, but not everyone can know what their purpose is and better yet, communicate that purpose. If you’ve ever wondered what it is you have to say, or have something to say but don’t know how to communicate it, then this training is for you.

What is DharmaKaya Yoga?

DharmaKaya Yoga is an intensely physical and spiritually focused practice. The practice is best described as deep, slow and sensual. Sensual in that the student is encouraged to focus intensely on the different sensations that arise throughout the practice. It is in this way, that the practice goes from being a regular form of exercise, to a deeply intimate and personal transformative experience. There is a strong focus on breath as it is through the breath that we are able to feel.
The practice challenges students to stay present with all sensation, with all thought and with all feeling. The student learns how to not judge, criticize, or analyze themselves but instead, to open up to pure experience. This results in a gradual letting go of old patterned behaviors that may be holding the student back. DharmaKaya Yoga builds confidence, willpower and concentration. The student learns how to practice in a way that is deeply introspective and authentic, leading to a life more authentically expressed.

About the Teacher Training:

By the end of the training, students will be able to effectively teach a full 90 minutes DharmaKaya Yoga class with self-confidence. In this training, students learn how to become teachers who inspire with an authentic voice. For this to happen, students will go through a process of self investigation and will be challenged physically and emotionally.
The training is about learning how to teach others Yoga, but also about how to use the experiences from the student’s own life, to help and benefit the students they will go on to teach.
It is about understanding the potential teacher’s strengths and perceived limitations to be an effective communicator and an authentic ambassador for living a Yogic (I.e more compassionate and connected) life.
The training is therefore deeply transformational and an attempt to awaken the student to their life’s purpose which in the end may or may not be, to be a Yoga teacher.
It is therefore not only for those wanting to teach, but those wanting to learn how to integrate the practice of Yoga into their everyday life. 


Dates: ( Sat and Sun 10am -5pm)

14th and 15th October

28th and 29th October 

4th November (only) no Sunday Session

25th and 26th November 

2nd and 3rd December 

9th and 10th December 

The 5 Anchors that make up the DharmaKaya method

1.    Insight

2.    Authenticity

3.    Responsibility

4.    Paradoxes

5.    Belief in Self

5 elements that make up a typical DHARMAKAYA Yoga Class:

1. Breath

2. Movement and Stillness

3. Energy Work

4. Meditation

5. Philosophical Element


Cherryl has been studying Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism for over a decade. By combining her knowledge of Yoga, Meditation and the study of Eastern philosophy as well as her life time’s work in developing, investigating and exploring her own psyche, she arrived at a method of living with more freedom and more joy. Her goal is to see more people get real about who they are, wake up to their life's true purpose and feel alive.

She teaches her own method of yoga called DharmaKaya Yoga and is the author of Magnificently Real.

She is passionate about Living Authentically. Cherryl says ‘I believe that it is only when we are connected to who we are, can we genuinely and meaningfully connect with others.’ In her book Magnificently Real, Cherryl lays out a 4 step method to living and expressing yourself more authentically. After years of teaching yoga, Cherryl identified a deep need to break through the proliferation of meaningless platitudes so rife in the yoga world today. The practice of yoga is meant to liberate us from our states of suffering, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. In order for us to heal, we have to get real. Lofty ideas will not liberate us, and Cherryl, through her teaching and her work on authenticity encourages her students to do exactly that. She incorporates the Magnificently Real method into the 200 hr foundation teacher training.

After completing her yoga studies in India in 2005, she opened her own Yoga studio in Johannesburg South Africa, called Living Yoga.  She continued her studies in New York under the guidance of World renowned Yoga teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life. She  spent a further 4 months in the US teaching and studying under Andrea Boyd and eventually passed the Jivamukti Advanced Board Exam in New York 2013.

Her message has featured in Magazines like Yoga Journal Germany, Complete Yoga South Africa, Marie-Claire, Longevity, Women's Health, Essentials, Shape, all in South Africa.

She is also an ambassador for The Africa Yoga Project, an initiative that educates, empowers, elevates and employs youth from Africa using the transformational practice of yoga, as well as an ambassador for Prancing Leopard, a fun-loving clothing brand that aims to create clothes that are vegan, fair trade and cause the least amount of harm to the environment.


Course Content:

Please note that the course is held in English but full German transcript and audio classes are available. Also, the student can teach in German, ask questions in German and still receive all the relevant information. All of the dharmaKaya trainings so far have been taken by German speaking students.


  • The 8 limbed path of Master Patanjali
  • The different paths of Yoga
  • Chanting of Sutra and basic Sanskrit
  • Basic anatomy and different types of injury
  • Energy anatomy
  • Ayurveda and Yogic diet

Purification and transformation

  • Asana
  • Correct alignment
  • What the Sanskrit names mean
  • Benefits and contraindications
  • The importance of transitioning
  •  Common mistakes and how to correct them
  •  Asana as purification and a means for insight


  • What it is
  • How it can be used
  • Different kinds of pranayama

Developing the light within

  •  How Karma Works
  • What is Emptiness?
  • The role of teachers
  • Authenticity Training (how to find your authentic voice)
  • How to create good and effective sequencing
  • The use of music
  • How to give a good Dharma Talk
  • The art of assists
  • Practical teaching and one on one feedback


yoga teacher training package options



1. Group package – Five or more students

In a group, students benefit from group interaction and exchange of ideas. It means the sessions are often fun and informative. The dates are fixed and if students miss one session, they need to catch up the material by way of an audio recording.

·       6 Full weekends – 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday

·       Fixed dates,

·      3546,20 EUR – One off payment (or three installments at 1300 EUR)

·       Should there be less than 5 students,  the participant will  have the option to upgrade to one on one private training for the same price or the small group training option at the SGT (small group training) price


2. Small group package – A group of 2, 3 or 4 students

This is almost like a private training but with the benefit of some other group interaction. Even though the dates are fixed upfront, there is room for negotiation if something comes up either from the student’s side or the facilitator’s side. Date changes will be given no less than 1 week’s notice. The sessions are also shorter which means homework and assignments can be done on these weekends and won’t eat into your week time.

·       Fixed schedule with flexibility to change dates from either the student’s or the facilitator’s side

·       Training will take place across 6 weekends

·       From 10-3pm Saturday and 10-3pm Sunday

·      3308 EUR to be paid in full upfront or in 3 installments at 1200 EUR

·       Should there be less than 2 students for the small group package, the participant will be upgraded to one on one private training for the same price

3. Private package – One on one private teacher training

With one on one tutoring, the student get’s the benefit of personalised training. This is an opportunity to focus on the student’s particular area of interest as well as make the material more relevant on a personal level. Because of the intensity of the sessions, they are held in three hour slots. This is truly a unique experience and a premium offering. Maximum flexibility is allowed for on both sides and is ideal for the student who is more interested in deep study, and not on a time schedule to get her/his qualification.

·       Schedule is decided together between facilitator (Cherryl) and Student

·       Week days or evenings are possible as well as weekends both Satuday and Sunday – depending on the student’s and facilitator’s schedule

·       Sessions are held in three hour slots

·       Dates can be changed on each side within one week’s notice

·       Training may take longer than 3 months

·      4154 EUR – Deposit of 1500 EUR is taken upfront whereby the student pays the balance off in monthly instalments


Requirements and required reading

Before your arrival at the course you need to:

1. Have or establish a daily asana practice

2. Submit a letter of intention (not longer than a page, the student will need to submit via email the reason for doing the training. (what her/his goals, desires, hopes are). Email submissions to

3. Submit full payment. (Payment plan on request for a fee of 100 EUR) - email Cherryl to apply

4. Have but not necessarily have read:

a) Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha- Swami Satchidananda

b) Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Swami Satchidananda

c) The textbook of yoga psychology - by Ramamurti S. Mishra 

d)  Read: Magnificently Real: Cherryl Duncan


Payment details

The bank details are




Full payment must be made to reserve you place in the training.

Payments can be completed via Bank transfer – See above

All payments must be net of any charges or fees. SWIFT or IBAN wire transfers may include transaction fees.

In the unlikely event that the training is cancelled we will refund 100% of your payment

DharmaKaya is not to be held liable for flight costs or any other expenses.

If a student withdraws from the course in the last two weeks before the course begins, the deposit will no longer be transferable.

If a student withdraws at anytime before two weeks before the course, a 50% refund will be granted. If a student withdraws from the course in the middle, no refund will be awarded.


Email to book your place on the training