A 10 session Talk the Talk Mentoring program  for yoga teachers and anyone wanting to improve public speaking /dharma talk skills


In this course you will:

·      Find your unique, authentic voice as a public speaker

·      Learn to use your anxiety instead of being overcome by it

·      Translate complex yoga ideas into simple and relatable talks

·      Learn to structure and deliver inspiring talks

·      Improve your confidence as a speaker

·      Find out what it is you want to say, and then learn to say it

·      Learn to communicate as an inspirer

·      Learn to read your audience and keep them engaged

Using the Real method created in her book Magnificently Real, Cherryl takes the student on a 10 session journey through the process of learning to communicate from an authentic, engaging, informative and entertaining place.

Each session is an hour long and the student will have homework to do in between sessions.


Includes 10 private, in person sessions with Cherryl

A certificate of completion

A copy of Magnificently Real

€1429 payable upfront


€533 paid in 3 instalments