Become unstuck with my 10 week personal coaching program.

Be it a difficult relationship at work preventing you from achieving your career goals, or a struggle with achieving better work life balance or perhaps you’re wanting to transition out of your current job and into one with more meaning and ultimately more time , or

Perhaps you’re in  a personal relationship you can’t get out of or move forward in, or struggling to communicate your own needs and dreams that don't necessarily fit with your partner, friend, or relative.

Have you been practicing yoga and or meditation and feel like you can't get to the next level deeper, or still feeling stressed, anxious, and even frustrated?

These are just some examples of what I’ve been helping people with during my coaching program. They’re all symptoms ultimately of the same thing: what I call stuckness.

Sometimes, actually more than sometimes, we need someone to walk us through the door of change. We find ourselves seeing the door, recognizing the door, but not able to walk through to explore what’s on the other side.

That’s my work, and it’s work I do with so much love and dedication.
I do it because I have walked through many doors myself and I have learnt what it takes, the tools that are helpful, (and those that aren’t) and I have come to realize that change and growth are absolutely essential to keep us feeling alive, engaged, inspired and  getting the most out of life’s journey and finding our unique purpose.

My coaching programs have now formed a real part of my life’s work and with the help of technology; we don’t even necessarily have to be in the same country for me to help you walk through your own personal door.

I created the 10 week program with authenticity at the heart of the process using the REAL method from my book Magnificently Real where we delve deep into your real desire for change. You can find it here on Amazon


You will define your Sankalpa (your authentic intention). Very often we don’t even really know what we want. In this program you will clearly define what your deep desire is.

Next is how to achieve it. You will be given tools that really, genuinely work- no voodoo, no belief, just real tools that silence the self saboteur in all of us.

We will then move through the process of understanding our

  1. Reactions to situations (Yes, those unconscious ones that keep us stuck and repeating the same of what we don’t want)
  2. Understanding the real feelings behind the reactions and using our authentic emotions as a source for knowledge
  3. We then move through a process of accepting those feelings , honouring them and harnessing their power
  4. And ultimately we work on effective and compassionate communication – either with ourselves or in specific relationship

Highly individualized, highly personal, each session is 45 minutes and can be done either in person in Munich or over Skype/Web based software anywhere in the world.

You will have tasks and homework to perform between our sessions so if you’re ready to walk through you own personal door, and need the push, or rather, someone to hold your hand through, then book today for your own program and we can get you started as soon the day after registration.


  1. Email with the subject line – 'Walk through the door' and your preferred start date
  2. Make payment of 750 EUR (payment is done upfront) Each session 75 EUR 
  3. If you register before the 15th November, you receive a before Christmas discount of 10 EUR per session and only pay 650 EUR upfront

Bank details:
Cherryl Duncan
DE80700202700015114114, HYVEDEMMXXX

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you


I work in partnership with Mindful Revolution to spread the message and benefits of Mindfulness in Munich, Germany.

Mindful Revolution provides integrative training for companies to increase personal effectiveness and resilience in the workplace, through the scientifically established benefits of mindfulness.

With some of the world’s top teachers and facilitators, using techniques that are researched-based and measurable, Mindful Revolution develops customized programmes, as part of an overall leadership approach, to help individuals achieve greater focus and productivity.

To book yourself or your company on this 7 week online integrative system with SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN RESULTS  email

If you are looking to expand your awareness, understanding and practice in meditation and mindfulness, but don't have a lot of time to attend workshops and trainings, then this 7 week online course is perfect for you!

It is a web based course in mindfulness training that leads, measurably, to a more focused, creative, compassionate, resilient and overall happier YOU!

How it works:

You log onto the program and decide how many minutes you want to spend engaging in the course (Ideally 20 minutes a day is good).

Then, I call you once a week for a 15 minute check-in to see how you are getting along and to answer any questions you may have.

The course is designed for individuals or can be done as a group in companies.

Full 7 week online course plus mentorship with Cherryl investment : 350 EUR

email to get started in a practical and very accessible journey into mindfulness.