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How to give a good dharma talk

Modul der 300+ Stunden Yogalehrer Aufbauausbildung

Fortbildung für YogalehrerInnen und Yoga-Interessierte
(Fortbildung auch einzeln buchbar/ Workshop can also be booked separately)

The module is suitable for

  • Students of the PBY Academy, who are aiming for a 500 h teacher training

  • Yoga teachers to expand their personal world of experience

  • Yoga practicioners to deepen their own yoga practice


A big part of being a yoga teacher is realising the responsibility that we have to facilitate more than a pure physical experience; that it’s up to us to keep the entire system of yoga alive, along with its philosophy components. For Cherryl Duncan, it’s the liberating yogic ideas, as well as the powerful energy work that we do that have the capacity to transform lives.

In this 2 day workshop and based on material from her book, Magnificently Real, Cherryl aims to present the 7 factors that need to be present when delivering a talk that engages and hopefully inspires the audience.

1. First and foremost: Be Authentic.
2. Speak about what you know and what you’re obsessively passionate about
3. Focus on the topic, not on what you think other’s are seeing
4. Train in meditation so you can focus on the topic and observe fear and self consciousness as a passing cloud
5. Have a point and stay on it
6. Don’t be afraid of silence
7. Don’t’ take yourself too seriously

Termin: 14.09.2019 bis 15.09.2019
Kurszeit: 08.00 – 16.00 Uhr (Änderungen vorbehalten)
Ort: Studio City · Amiraplatz 3 · München
Kosten: 290 EUR

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