Advanced learning for existing Yoga Teachers

An Online Course

Course Content:

 Anatomy Fundamentals (By Dale Guthrie https://www.holism.health )

Course includes: 4 x 2 hour webinars with Dale Guthrie and anatomy manual (PDF)

 Are you looking to gain a greater understanding of your body? Do you want to understand the influences of yoga on your anatomy and the influences of your anatomy on your yoga?

 These 4 webinars will cover

1)     The skeletal system

2)     The muscular system

3)     The respiratory system

4)     The nervous system

dharmaKaya® Philosophy Fundamentals

Course includes: 4 x 2 hours webinars with Cherryl Duncan as well as lecture notes (PDF)

1) The power of Positive psychology and the importance of sleep, How to deal with Negative emotions, Practices to change perception

 2)  The role of women in Yoga and Spirituality (Not only for women), The role of Sexuality in Yoga and Spirituality

3)  Cultivating good values as a yoga teacher and creating realistic expectations of yourself and others, How to hold and create space, Healthy relationships, healthy boundaries and ethical practices 

Modules :

Entire Course €624

Anatomy portion only: €399

Philosophy Portion Only: €399


January and February to be confirmed

All webinars will be recorded and sent to you for you to keep


Email Cherryl@cherrylduncan.com to book for either the entire course or the separate modules

Payment can be made to

Cherryl Duncan




Ref: Name and name of the Module

 Once payment is confirmed, you will be notified of the course dates and invitations will be sent directly to your email with a link inviting you to join the webinar

All you need is a stable Internet connection and a curious heart and mind :-)