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Learn how to be successful in your career or personal life using Mindfulness,.

A 7 week web based course in mindfulness training that leads, measurably, to a more focused, creative, compassionate, resilient and overall happier YOU!

How it works:

You log onto the program and decide how many minutes you want to spend engaging in the course (Ideally 20 minutes a day is good).

Then, I call you once a week for a check-in to see how you are getting along and to answer any questions you may have.

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Find your purpose, find your meaning. 

People love to be around authenticity and there exists a special freedom in  the ability to be truly authentic.

Identify deep limiting beliefs around authentic expression in your personal and professional relationships and learn how to know, accept, like, love and express who you really are.

Using the REAL method which I created and published a book on (Magnificently Real? we get to the heart of what you really want out of your life, at this specific time. We uncover what is holding you back from living the truest and most authentic you.

Getting real about what you want and gaining the tools on how to achieve what you want is possible in 10 weeks

Magnificently Real
By Cherryl Ann Duncan

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Signature Talk:

Magnificently Real

In this talk , which involves audience participation, a presentation on the REAL method will be given.

In this talk , you will learn that

  • Our inauthentic reactions are what keeps us from truly connecting with others
  • There is a different between reaction and response
  • That our feeling are often (but not always)  doorways into the truth about ourselves
  • There is the work of self acceptance involved in being authentic
  • And there are ways to express yourself truly authenticaly, and there are times to say nothing at all


'Cherryl has a natural way of talking that is both light and profound - Adidas