yoga courses

I offer both private and group courses.

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Personal mind and body makeover

Your Mind and body makeover in 10 weeks according to your own schedule, in your own home. Each session is an hour long and I strongly recommend sessions twice a week to feel the transformation in both body and mind. Ease any pain, become more flexible, more strong in both body and mind in just 10 weeks.

20 sessions (recommended twice a week where possible)


Private mentoring for existing yoga teachers

Learn how to make use of your existing yoga teacher training certification. Earn more money as a yoga teacher. Discover your unique voice. Find out who your students are and how to find them. Integrate teaching yoga into your current job, or learn how to transition out of your career into that of teaching yoga.

Learn from someone who's been through the ups and downs of making a living out of teaching yoga exclusively. I've owned yoga studios, sold yoga studios, freelanced, traveled and taught all over the world. I've made all the mistakes so you don't have to!

Register for the 10 week mentoring course and start your new life as soon as tomorrow

This course is offered both online as well as in person which means you don't have to live in Munich necessarily to take advantage of this opportunity

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BOOK an exclusive private retreat

Push the reset button with a 3 day intense complete Mind and Body makeover. Learn to meditate in 3 days. Detox and deeply unwind, using a deep yoga practice, designed for your level and skill (Beginners encouraged and welcome!) all in the gorgeous setting of the Bavarian Alps at Schloss Elmau.

Welcome to your private retreat with me.  Bookings available for individuals or couples