I work in partnership with Mindful Revolution to spread the message and benefits of Mindfulness in Munich, Germany.

Mindful Revolution provides integrative training for companies to increase personal effectiveness and resilience in the workplace, through the scientifically established benefits of mindfulness.

With some of the world’s top teachers and facilitators, using techniques that are researched-based and measurable, Mindful Revolution develops customized programmes, as part of an overall leadership approach, to help individuals achieve greater focus and productivity.

To book yourself or your company on this 7 week online integrative system with SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN RESULTS  email cherryl@cherrylduncan.com

If you are looking to expand your awareness, understanding and practice in meditation and mindfulness, but don't have a lot of time to attend workshops and trainings, then this 7 week online course is perfect for you!

It is a web based course in mindfulness training that leads, measurably, to a more focused, creative, compassionate, resilient and overall happier YOU!

How it works:

You log onto the program and decide how many minutes you want to spend engaging in the course (Ideally 20 minutes a day is good).

Then, I call you once a week for a 15 minute check-in to see how you are getting along and to answer any questions you may have.

The course is designed for individuals or can be done as a group in companies.

Full 7 week online course plus mentorship with Cherryl investment : 350 EUR

email cherryl@cherylduncan.com to get started in a practical and very accessible journey into mindfulness.


An example of what the web based course looks like

An example of what the web based course looks like