magnificently real

How to create a life of purpose and meaning using the power of simply being more Authentic. It's authenticity that  lies at the heart of the Magnificently Real Method, Created and authored by Cherryl Duncan, Foreward By Phillip Cohen (Clinical Psycholgist)

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Prepare to go on a journey to the very heart of what guides your decisions, fuels your reactions and determines how you respond to the challenges in your life. Cherryl Duncan distils complex psychological research and spiritual concepts into a clear, simple guide to being a better, more at peace, more authentic you. Walk with her as she candidly shares the confusion and raw emotion of her own life path, and the practical lessons she learned to embrace herself with love. If you are searching for a way to express yourself more authentically, feel freer emotionally and connect deeply to the joy of being alive, this is a book you will revisit over and over again. 

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Magnificently Real in 10 weeks

Spend 10 weeks with Cherryl on-on-one as she guides you through the REAL method to

1. Gain clarity on difficult decisions

2. Find purpose and meaning 

3. Resolve difficult relationships either professional or personal

4. Express yourself more authentically and confidently so you're seen and heard

5. Express yourself more authentically creatively or in your own personal areas

6. Move out of a place of stagnation and into the life you know you're ready to live