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Magnificently Real
By Cherryl Ann Duncan

In her book Magnificently Real, Cherryl lays out a 4 step method to living and expressing yourself more authentically. After years of teaching yoga, Cherryl identified a deep need to break through the proliferation of meaningless platitudes so rife in the yoga world today. The practice of yoga is meant to liberate us from our states of suffering, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. In order for us to heal, we have to get real. Lofty ideas will not liberate us, and Cherryl, through her teaching and her work on authenticity encourages her students to do exactly that.

Prepare to go on a journey to the very heart of what guides your decisions, fuels your reactions and determines how you respond to the challenges in your life.

Cherryl Duncan distils complex psychological research and spiritual concepts into a clear, simple guide to being a better, more at peace, more authentic you.

Walk with her as she candidly shares the confusion and raw emotion of her own life path, and the practical lessons she learned to embrace herself with love.

If you are looking for a way to express yourself more authentically, feel free emotionally and connect deeply to the joy of being alive, this is a book you revisit over and over again.

Cherryl facilitates Magnificently Real workshops where attendees are given a chance to workshop the ideas and tools presented in the book in a safe environment with others there for the same reason. Attendees are encouraged to bring any challenge they are experiencing to the workshops as a way to better face them using the power of getting real and authentic understanding and ultimately communication.

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