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Know what you truly desire

And the Art of getting it!

This is a 5 session course all done via video conference where we get to the heart of what you truly desire.

The heart has it’s own language and we can learn to truly listen, and then follow what it is that will make us truly happy, resilient, fill our lives with meaning and be successful. Often we only understand ‘head language’ which is ruled by understanding and cognition but often also by fear.

Using a combination of modern psychology and ancient yogic wisdom and practices, we will put you in touch with your true desire and set you on a course to live you live with authentic purpose and meaning.

We meet once per week, according to your schedule. Each session is 50 minutes and then you’ll need to make provision for an extra 25 minutes a day to familiarise yourself and practice the tools you’ll be given.

email to register

Course price includes:

5 private one-on-one sessions with Cherryl

Course material which includes an audio file

€ 1190 payable upfront

Once payment has been received, you are free to book any time slot that suits you.

** Please make sure you are available 5 weeks in a row as this is a short but intense process and is effective if treated as a real priority.