Yogi BOss Mentoring

You’ve done your yoga teacher training and you want to:

  • Be financially independent as a full time yoga teacher within a year or less.
  • Understand exactly what your students are getting from you so you can give them more of what they love 
  • Learn how to charge your real value
  • Have an effective Marketing strategy that results in actual sales 
  • Learn how to effectively use Social Media
  • Have clearly defined, measurable and achievable goals
  • Learn to stand out amongst the crowd of existing yoga teachers
  • Learn to be a communicator and an inspirer; aka be more than a yoga instructor
  • Avoid burn out and stay inspired

Take the first step today to the next level on your personal yoga journey

10 one on one sessions with Cherryl (Either via Skype/Zoom or in person)

In between the sessions you'll be given assignments that relate directly to your own business and goals


10 sessions privately held on on one with Cherryl

A guided Yoga Nidra session along with instruction on how to manifest goals within 6 - 12 months.

 The entire course costs €2380


€955 paid in 3 instalments over the 3 months 

Plan for once a week sessions either via Skype. The same time very week works best.