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Digital Detox Workshop in Munich

Learn the life saving tools that will help you stay off your phone and step more into your life.

A presentation followed by a yoga class specifically targeting neck, back and shoulders

A Few Facts about technology addiction:

  • A drunk driver is actually safer than a texting driver
  • A stoned worker is more productive than one who is trying to get the same task done
    while multitasking
  • 89% of American adults said that they took out a phone during their last social
    interaction and 82% of them said that it deteriorated the conversation
  • We are losing our ability to have empathy, which poses an ethical issue for society!
  • People report greater difficulties with in-person socializing. Making eye contact is
    becoming a huge challenge for many people.
  • We are becoming a multitasking culture due to an abundance of technologies and
    devices, but it is actually damaging our productivity and the quality of our work!
  • The human attention span has fallen from an average of 12 seconds in the year 2000
    to just eight seconds today. 

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