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DharmaKaya Workshop in Düsseldorf

  • Karmakarma 10 Herzogstraße Heiligenhaus, NRW, 42579 Germany (map)

DharmaKaya yoga is based on 5 anchors, which form the foundation for the philosophy of the method: Insight, Paradoxes, Authenticity, Responsibility and Belief in Self.

The DharmaKaya workshops focus on the following two anchors:

Part 1: Insight: Insight is what comes when you keenly observe something without judgement, and that’s the important part, without judgement. To observe something so closely, with so much concentration that you start to see it for what it really is - as opposed to seeing it through your own clouded perception.  The more you watch, and the greater your depth of observation, the more information you can pick up. Insight is the understanding that is gained through doing this. As yoga practitioners we use the study of self, our own minds and bodies to first understand ourselves, and by doing so, understand the world around us.


Part 2: Paradoxes: This anchor is about acknowledging that we are not just one thing at one time. It’s about starting to see the world in it’s many wonderful and colourful contradictions, and that starts with ourselves, accepting that we can be many things at the same time. That nothing is wholly bad or wholly good for that matter. Appreciating the fluctuating nature of good things gone bad and bad things turning good.



You can expect to find the following elements in the DharmaKaya Workshops:

Breath: Breath practiced in conjunction with movement will be used as a purifying tool, essentially as a moving meditation that helps to build heat. This has a detoxifying and uplifting effect on the body and mind. Natural breathing technique is used as a way to truly feel the more subtle, energetic aspects of the practice.


Movement and Stillness: DharmaKaya yoga uses a combination of flowing movement as well as an opportunity to be still. Both elements are essential for experiencing that in us which changes and transforms, and that in us, which is forever constant, and without change.


Energy Work: You will learn how to use Prana (our vital life force) in a way that encourages deeper experiences of the nature of the mind and that which is beyond the mind. We all have Prana but we don’t all know how to cultivate, protect and channel it properly.


Meditation: The whole purpose of practicing yoga asana (the physical form) is to prepare us for meditation. It is only through stillness that we are able to gain access to greater awareness and a deeper, more fulfilling experience of life – not only on the yoga mat, but in our life.


Philosophical Element: You will be exposed to the philosophy of yoga. Thought that has been handed down from ancient lineages as well as by modern mystics. Thought that is both uplifting and helpful with a focus on belief in Self, Authentic Expression, Connection and Evolution of the individual Spirit.


About Cherryl: Cherryl Duncan has been inspiring change for over 10 years. An internationally trained and recognised teacher of yoga, eastern philosophy and a catalyst for authentic living and expression, Cherryl created her own method of yoga called DharmaKaya. After years of teaching as an 800 hour Advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, Cherryl refined her own style to include the 12 years of study in other fields such as Tibetan Buddhism, Western Philosophy, as well as the close and brutal study of her own psyche.


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