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dharmaKaya Weekend Workshops in BASEL

  • One Yoga Basel Switzerland (map)

The workshop modules will be presented in the form of a Master Class, which means an explanation and introduction to the DharmaKaya Yoga Anchor followed by an asana practice, which integrates the understanding of the theory into physical practice.


October 15th-16th

Cherryl Duncan is back with her DharmaKaya Method,

 teaching the saturday morning class, as well as hosting 2 workshops.


Saturday October 15th





This anchor is about acknowledging that we are not just one thing at one time. It’s about

starting to see the world in it’s many wonderful and colourful contradictions, and that starts

with ourselves, accepting that we can be many things at the same time. That nothing is wholly

bad or wholly good for that matter. Appreciating the fluctuating nature of good things gone

bad and bad things turning good.


Sunday October 16th


Belief in Self

Self-belief is developed from inside, it’s your power base of energy that you

were born with. Most people are unaware they have this power, and rely, especially within the

yoga context, on a guru, or an authority outside of themselves. While teachers and mentors

continually inspire and guide us, we don’t rely on them to put us in contact with supreme

consciousness. Instead this method encourages a direct and personal relationship with

consciousness develops and empowers the student to embrace their inherent power.



65 chf / 50 chf reduced

sign up for both: 108 chf / 85 chf student