A week in Schloss Elmau
to Dec 17

A week in Schloss Elmau

 I will be once again at my favourite Bavarian Castle in the Alps from the 10 -17th December 2017. Winter is my absolute favourite time to be there, so if you feel like spoiling yourself for a week of pure luxury, come with me leave feeling completely renewed!

My Saturday and Sunday classes will be subbed at Patrick Broome in Schwabing and Lehel


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Digital Detox Workshop in Munich
2:00 PM14:00

Digital Detox Workshop in Munich

We all know what our devices can do for us, but do we know what they do to us? Technology
today is literally reshaping our brains and our mental and emotional capacities. 

As yoga practitioners we’re interested in raising our consciousness, not decreasing it, we
need to know how technology is affecting the ability to cultivate a truly fulfilled and engage life. 
In this
Workshop, you will get to know some of the scientifically proven effects technology addiction is having on you and your loved ones. You will also be given some practical exercises to help overcome the compulsion to spend so much time on your devices.

In this two hour workshop, Cherryl will lead you through some practical tools to help create healthier habits around the use of your device, as well as lead a fun and intense dharmaKaya yoga practice focussing on reducing the symptoms of ‘Tech Neck’ – expect shoulder opening and back bending sequences to open the heart and as a result, your vision!

A Few Facts about technology addiction:

- A drunk driver is actually safer than a texting driver
- A stoned worker is more productive than one who is trying to get the same task done
while multitasking
- 89% of American adults said that they took out a phone during their last social
interaction and 82% of them said that it deteriorated the conversation
- We are losing our ability to have empathy, which poses an ethical issue for society!
- People report greater difficulties with in-person socializing. Making eye contact is
becoming a huge challenge for many people.
- We are becoming a multitasking culture due to an abundance of technologies and
devices, but it is actually damaging our productivity and the quality of our work!
- The human attention span has fallen from an average of 12 seconds in the year 2000
to just eight seconds today. 

As a freelance yoga teacher, mindfulness coach and author, a lot of my work is done from my laptop and phone on the go, and I was shocked to learn how many hours a day I spent on my devices and how little time I was spending nurturing real life relationships, how much less time I spent doing the things I love like reading actual books, taking long walks , meditating , listening to music (just listening), walking through cities (just walking) to name just a few and more shockingly how much more productive I could be if I could use my devices with more awareness.
So I put myself to the challenge and created some very useful guidelines that have now become my rule book which has made me much more productive, much more engaged in my life plus I even find myself having extra time!! I’ve even started writing another book – it’s almost like I’m rediscovering the world again. It sounds radical, but I know I’m not alone. 
This workshop is designed to share with you what I’ve learnt and bring you along for the ride.
Let’s get real, let’s go more analogue. – Cherryl Duncan

Cherryl Duncan has been inspiring change for over 10 years. An internationally trained and recognised teacher of yoga, eastern philosophy and a catalyst for authentic living and expression, Cherryl created her own method of yoga called dharmaKaya. After years of teaching as an 800 hour Advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, Cherryl refined her own style to include the 12 years of study in other fields such as Tibetan Buddhism, Western Philosophy, as well as the close and brutal study of her own psyche.
dharmaKaya yoga was born in Munich, Germany, where Cherryl teaches a regular schedule and teaches others the method where licences are granted to teach the method on an international scale.

Termin: Sonntag, 21. Januar 2018
Kurszeiten: 14:00 – 16:30 Uhr
Ort: Yoga Studio Lehel, Robert-Koch-Str. 13
Preis: 45,00 EUR

email www.patrickbroome.de to book your place

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dharmaKaya® Teacher Training Alpen Retreat - Austria and Munich 2018
to Mar 4

dharmaKaya® Teacher Training Alpen Retreat - Austria and Munich 2018

Registered and certified with the Yoga Alliance (RYT 200)

Foundation training 200 hours

with Cherryl Duncan (supported by Dr Charlotte Kraft)

BOOKINGS OPEN and done through www.patrickbroome.de


• Accredited yoga teaching certificate (registered with the Yoga Alliance )

• 200 hours of training (philosophy, practical, theoretical) 

• 7 Weekends Saturday and Sunday in the Lehel Studio

• Full weekend at the Alpen Retreat in Austria (Full board and accommodation included)

• Access to our online and offline community

• Opportunity to be part of the online dharmaKaya community which means we support your personal goals, whether that means teaching or not

• Enjoy our support team including Dr Charlotte Kraft, an orthopaedic surgeon and dharmaKaya® yoga teacher for the section on the physical Anatomy of Yoga as well as  Andreas Bothner, an experienced Tibetan Buddhist scholar

dharmaKaya® yoga  is a registered brand name and the training is recognised and accepted by Yoga Alliance International to provide 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training programmes led by Cherryl Duncan, founder and creator of dharmaKaya® yoga.

This transformative teacher training program enables you to obtain an accreditation to register with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga anywhere in the world.  The dharmaKaya® Teacher Training program takes place during an intensive residential stay at the Alpen Retreat in Austria and is continues on weekends at Patrick Broome in Lehel for 7 weeks.


01.03.18 - 04.03.18  (Alpen Retreat Austria)

10.03.18 - 11.03.18 (Studio Lehel)

17.03.18 - 18.03.18 (Studio Lehel)

07.04.18 - 08.04.18 (Studio Lehel)

14.04.18 - 15.04.18 (Studio Lehel)

28.04.18 - 29.04.18 (studio Lehel)

12.05.18 - 13.05.18 (Studio Lehel)

02.06.18 - 03.06.18 (studio Lehel)

09.06.18 - 10.06.18 (Studio Lehel)


Saturdays 09:00 - 17:00

Sundays 10:00 - 18:30



• The dharmaKaya yoga method principles and practices

• The 8 limbed path of Master Patanjali

• The different paths of Yoga

• Chanting of Sutra and basic Sanskrit

• Basic anatomy and different types of injury

• Energy anatomy

• The dharmaKaya drama free yogic diet

• Basic Buddhism 101

• Introduction to Tantric Buddhism and purification practices 


Purification and transformation


• Correct alignment and how to give assists

• What the Sanskrit names mean

• Benefits and contraindications

• The importance of transitioning

•  Common mistakes and how to correct them

•  Asana as purification and a means for insight



• What it is

• How it can be used

• Different kinds of pranayama


Developing the light within

•  How Karma Works

• What is Emptiness?

• The role of teachers

  Full Meditation course

• Authenticity Training (how to find your authentic voice) based on Cherry’s book Magnificently Real

• How to create good and effective sequencing

• The use of music

• How to give a good Dharma Talk

• Practical teaching and one on one feedback including a written and practical exam



• What Mindfulness is

• How to incorporate it into daily life

• An introduction into mindfulness facilitation 

** Please note that the course is held in English but full German transcript and audio classes are available. Also, the student can teach in German, ask questions in German and still receive all the relevant information. All of the dharmaKaya® trainings so far have been taken by German speaking students.


The dharmakaya is the emptiness and omniscience of a Buddha’s mind. It is the result of the collection of wisdom. In the dharmaKaya Yoga method, we incorporate the wisdom as well as the compassion teachings of the Buddha to cultivate an elevated state of mind; as close to the Buddha’s mind as possible.

Practically speaking, it is a system of slow, controlled movements that always include elements of energy work, breath, philosophy and meditation.

dharmaKaya Yoga has authenticity at the heart of its teaching. The goal is to teach people to get real about who they are, to love who they really are and to express who they really are. Everyone has a unique and important voice to share, everyone has a specific path and purpose that, when realised results in a deeply fulfilling, rich and rewarding life. It’s only when we stop living the life we were expected to live that we can truly live the life we were meant to live.

Everyone can be a yoga teacher, but not everyone can know what their purpose is and better yet, communicate that purpose. If you’ve ever wondered what it is you have to say, or have something to say but don’t know how to communicate it, then this training is for you.

dharmaKaya Yoga is an intensely physical and spiritually focused practice. The practice is best described as deep, slow and sensual. Sensual in that the student is encouraged to focus intensely on the different sensations that arise throughout the practice. It is in this way, that the practice goes from being a regular form of exercise, to a deeply intimate and personal transformative experience. There is a strong focus on breath as it is through the breath that we are able to feel.

The practice challenges students to stay present with all sensation, with all thought and with all feeling. The student learns how to not judge, criticize, or analyze themselves but instead, to open up to pure experience. This results in a gradual letting go of old patterned behaviors that may be holding the student back. DharmaKaya Yoga builds confidence, willpower and concentration. The student learns how to practice in a way that is deeply introspective and authentic, leading to a life more authentically expressed.


By the end of the training, students will be able to effectively teach a full 90 minutes dharmaKaya Yoga class with self-confidence. In this training, students learn how to become teachers who inspire with an authentic voice. For this to happen, students will go through a process of self investigation and will be challenged physically and emotionally.

The training is about learning how to teach others Yoga, but also about how to use the experiences from the student’s own life, to help and benefit the students they will go on to teach.

It is about understanding the potential teacher’s strengths and perceived limitations to be an effective communicator and an authentic ambassador for living a Yogic (I.e more compassionate and connected) life.

The training is therefore deeply transformational and an attempt to awaken the student to their life’s purpose which in the end may or may not be, to be a Yoga teacher.

It is therefore not only for those wanting to teach, but those wanting to learn how to integrate the practice of Yoga into their everyday life. 


Whole cost of the course 3400 EUR (due on registration) 

Early bird price at 3100 EUR if you book before the end of January 2018

Bookings open and will be granted on a first come first served basis and space is limited.


• Accredited yoga teaching certificate (registered with the Yoga Alliance )

• 200 hours of training (philosophy, practical, theoretical) 

• 7 Weekends Saturday and Sunday in the Lehel Studio

• Full weekend at the Alpen Retreat in Austria (Full board and accommodation included)

• dharmaKaya teacher training manual (excluding recommended reading material)

• Access to our online and offline community

• Opportunity to be part of the online dharmaKaya community which means we support your personal goals, whether that means teaching or not


Before your arrival at the course you need to:

1. Have or establish a daily asana practice

4. Have but not necessarily have read:

a) Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha- Swami Satchidananda

b) Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Swami Satchidananda

d)  Read: Magnificently Real: Cherryl Duncan

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to Apr 5


I will be presenting at the 2018 Elysia Yoga Convention on the exquisite island of Amorgos in Greece . Join me and an inspiring community of yogis and friends of yogis from around the world for this annual event. I was there last year, at the first one ever, and had such a good time I decided to host my October 2017 retreat there. Now the island is drawing me back. If you're interested in coming along with me, then email me directly cherryl@cherrylduncan.com to see if its for you.


A bit about Amorgos and ELYSIA

Back in ancient times, poets like Homer, Pindar and Hesiod described the Champs Elysées (Elysian Fields) in their texts as an idyllic, beautiful and peaceful place where the souls of the fortuned arrived there, and had the opportunity to enjoy and feel the absolute euphoria. It was a divine place "with blooming meadows, where there was eternal spring, and sources of Lethe gushing nectar”. According to mythology it was there, that Menelaus and Beautiful Helen, kings and several heroes were exercising and playing music while dancing under the shade of big beautiful trees. Inspired by these heavenly places that the word Elysia refers to, we decided to gather people of the Yoga Community and unite them on an island which has now established itself as a Yoga Retreat destination. Amorgos is an island blessed with natural beauty and magnificent sceneries, in a way being the Elysian island of today.

Honorary Yoga teachers from all over the world will be the presenters while professionals from different areas of the Wellness field (nutritionists, life-coaches, therapists) are expected to join and contribute to this exciting opportunity of exchanging knowledge. to join and contribute to this exciting opportunity of exchanging knowledge. Our mission is a contiguous sharing of new ideas and practices in a dynamic learning environment of spiritual transformation and transition in nature. Elysia aims to bring together the world of Yoga and provide the chance to demonstrate innovative ways to adopt and integrate a healthier lifestyle for mental and physical well being. The selected discussion topics intend to the emersion of new ideas that will inspire the participants make an impact and perhaps, introduce new practices in their home country.

Amorgos is one of the main motivating factors for the organization of this Yoga Convention. It is an island located in the east of the Aegean Sea and is well known for its strong magnetic field as well as the revitalizing energy nobody can overlook.

Its purity of biodiversity and variety of therapeutic herbs make it the ideal combination for a spiritual and physical uplift. Away from mass tourism even in high season, Amorgos is surrounded by natural beauty, unique energy, crystal deep blue sea, marvelous beaches, breathtaking landscapes and amazing sunsets. Known as “pearl of the Aegean”, Amorgos with its unspoiled beauty offers the perfect setting to escape from routine being one of the most popular destinations Yoga Retreat in Europe.

YOU CAN BOOK HERE http://elysiayogaconvention.com/ and use my code  CDELYSIA to get a discount on your booking

Ta leme!


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Yoga retreat in Amorgos, Greece October 2017.
to Oct 11

Yoga retreat in Amorgos, Greece October 2017.

Join me for a blissful week in my new favourite yoga spot in the entire world. There is something truly magical about the island of Amorgos and while. a little off the beaten track, worth every idyllic moment spent in paradise.

Situated on a cliff overlooking a secluded beach you will find the 5 star Aegialis hotel where you will spend 7 glorious nights. Wake up each day to spectacular views of the sea, practice yoga in the newly built shala, again, overlooking spectacular views of the island and the sea, followed by a breakfast buffet of fresh organic ingredients from the island itself, The rest of the day is yours to enjoy on the beach, in the village, relaxing in the spa or by the pool. The evening begins with a calming and purifying sunset yoga session followed by dinner, again at the buffet table hosting an incredible selection of vegetarian and vegan options.

Retreat Schedule

Thursday 4th October

-       Arrival and settle into the hotel

Friday  5th October

-       7:30 -9am- Breakfast

-       10:00 – 11:30 dharmaKaya morning practice with Cherryl (assisted by Julia)

-       11:30 – 5pm – Free time

-       5-7pm – dK philosophy (Insight) discussion, restorative yoga and meditation with Cherryl and Julia

-       7pm dinner

Saturday 6th October

-       7:30 -9am- Breakfast

-       10:00 – 11:30 dharmaKaya morning practice with Cherryl

-       11:30 – 3pm – Excursion to Monestary

-       3-7pm – Free time

-       7pm dinner

Sunday 7th October

-       7:30 -9am- Breakfast

-       10:00 – 11:30 dharmaKaya morning practice with Cherryl (Assisted by Julia)

-       7:30 -9am- Breakfast

-       11:30 – 5pm – Free time

-       5-7pm – dK philosophy discussion (Karma), restorative yoga and meditation with Cherryl and Julia

-       7pm dinner

Monday 8th October

-       7:30 -9am- Breakfast

-       10:00 – 11:30 dharmaKaya morning practice with Cherryl (Assisted by Julia)

-       7:30 -9am- Breakfast

-       11:30 – 5pm – Free time

-       5-7pm – dK philosophy discussion (Paradoxes), restorative yoga and meditation with Cherryl and Julia

-       7pm dinner

Tuesday 9th October

-       7:30 -9am- Breakfast

-       10:00 – 11:30 dharmaKaya morning practice with Cherryl (Assisted by Julia)

-       7:30 -9am- Breakfast

-       11:30 – 5pm – Free time

-       5-7pm – dK philosophy discussion (Belief in Self), restorative yoga and meditation with Cherryl and Julia

-       7pm dinner

Wednesday the 10th October

-       7:30 -9am- Breakfast

-       10:00 – 11:30 dharmaKaya morning practice with Cherryl (Assisted by Julia)

-       7:30 -9am- Breakfast

-       11:30 – 5pm – Free time

-       5-7pm – dK philosophy discussion (Authenticity), restorative yoga and meditation with Cherryl and Julia

Thurday the 11th October

-       6:30 Breakfast

- Retreat ends

Retreat Package options:

1180€ - per person single occupancy in double room

935 €- per person in double/ twin room

858 € - per person in triple room

 Prices includes:

  • 2 dharmakaya yoga classes a day with a focus on the 5 anchors that make up the dharmaKaya method. Expect a dynamic and purifying yoga class each morning, and a meditative, calming and deeply restorative session each evening. 
  •  7 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast served on buffet daily, with organic ingredients from our own garden, and fresh orange juice
  • Dinner daily, including vegetarian and vegan dishes (Full board available with a supplement of 16€ per person/day)
  • Arrival and departure transfers on Amorgos (port-hotel-port)
  • Free use of Spa facilities (sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, indoor heated sea water swimming pool, fitness centre)
  • Free use of yoga shalas
  • One 30-minute Swedish massage
  • 10% discount on Spa treatments 
  • Unlimited Internet access
  •  Supplement for upgrading to a Junior or Honeymoon Suite - 550€ per person shared by 2 persons


Aegialis have  opened two brand new shalas with heavenly views over the sea.

They  Therefore boast  6 spaces which can be used for yoga practice: the "Namaste" shala which is 175 sq meters, the "Ananda" which is 95 sq. meters, the "Anatolia"  which is 110 sq meters, a glass room with wooden floor for 10 participants, a room by the indoor pool with wooden floor for up to 25 participants, and another indoor-outdoor room with glass walls & wooden floor, for about 25-30 participants.

Full payment and confirmation due by the 1st September 2017! Book flights now to prevent late minute price increases.

Price Excludes:


Ferry ride to Amorgos 

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Yoga in the Englischer Garten Every Sunday
9:30 AM09:30

Yoga in the Englischer Garten Every Sunday

Starting May 7th  will be teaching a dharmaKaya yoga class in the Englischer Garten 


Hope to see you there.

You don't need to book, just come with 10 EUR cash and enjoy!

We will meet in front of the Monopteros

Directions and confirmation of event (weather depending) follow my facebook page 


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Online Speaker Series - Heal and Fuel Summit 2017
12:00 PM12:00

Online Speaker Series - Heal and Fuel Summit 2017

If you do what you love and love what you do, you also want as much energy as possible to keep doing it. Maybe you experienced a burn-out once and hence reflected on what you are doing. Now that you are living for your dream job you want to be sure that you are healthy and strong enough to deliver your precious gift to the world.

This year’s Heal & Fuel Summit will provide you a great team of experts on health, nutrition, meditation, sports, yoga and much more. They will explain, teach and talk about how to heal and fuel for the power you need when being fully committed to your high intensity work day. 

Register for free at https://shipwood.lpages.co/heal-and-fuel/

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An Introduction to Mindfulness
2:30 PM14:30

An Introduction to Mindfulness

There’s nothing ‘woo woo’ about Mindfulness. Backed by some pretty impressive research with more than 3500 studies published about the topic since 2010, Mindfulness and its benefits is fast becoming a tool anyone can learn and understand within a short space of time. Some of the discoveries that have been made is that practicing mindfulness can literally change the shape of your brain!

Mindfulness has proven to help with more focus, more creativity, better relationships, less stress and anxiety, better health, more resilience and higher levels of empathy and compassion. 

It’s not magic, it’s tools that need to be learned and then practiced daily. Studies have shown that it only requires up to 10 minutes a day to start to see dramatic improvement in, not only mental, but also physical health.

Cherryl Duncan will be giving a  2 hour introduction to what Mindfulness is and how it can be used.

You will walk away from the session with a practice of your own you can take home and use everyday.

You will also walk away with a clear understanding of how being mindful, being present can dramatically improve the quality of your life.

We all want to get the most out of our life’s experience, and learning some easy to use mindfulness techniques can make that possible.

Every moment you choose, you can tap into a state of being that is easeful, stress free and intensely profound.

When:             20th May 2017

Where:            Patrick Broome Schwabing

Time:              14:30-16:30

Price:              25 EUR


email lisa@patrickbroome.de to book your place 


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Elysia Yoga Convention 2017
to Apr 11

Elysia Yoga Convention 2017

  • Aegiali 84008, Amorgos Greece (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


I will be there for an entire week yogaring, connecting, and generally spending time in my most favouite way in the gorgeous Greek isles. Anyone want to join me?


If you book your space before the 10th Februray, you get 10 % discount PLUS a further 10% discount when you use this code CDELYSIA which is code for 'I know Cherryl' :-)

Please come, it will be so much more fun with you.


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Yoga at the Polo Room - Johannesburg
9:00 AM09:00

Yoga at the Polo Room - Johannesburg

In March I will be collaborating with Yoga Works

http://www.yogaworks.co.za/about to bring you an exciting yoga event at the Inanda Polo Room in Johannesburg. 

we roll out our yoga mats at the Polo Room, a tranquil green oasis just behind the bustling high rise buildings of Sandton. 

Our yoga session will be on the green lawns of the Inanda Club, with views over Sandton and all the way to the East Rand on the other side. The horses of the polo club are surrounding the field and if we get lucky we might see some polo practice. 

Join us for just the yoga session, or book a combined ticket for yoga and breakbast buffet afterwards at the Inanda Club (which is usually only open to members)

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Meditation for Beginners at Patrick Broome Yoga -Munich
to Feb 4

Meditation for Beginners at Patrick Broome Yoga -Munich

  • Patrick Broome Yoga Studios (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


Cherryl Duncan will be teaching a 4 week meditation course in January 2017. The course is about creating a solid foundation for a doable daily meditation practice. You will learn what to do when you sit down to meditate. You will be guided through a step by step process that you will learn yourself and can then use to maintain your own practice, The course is taught every Saturday for 90 mins, and runs for 4 weeks. You will have exercises and homework to do in between the sessions where you can practice what you have learnt.

Meditation has been proven to :
Lower high blood pressure, help with tension headaches and insomnia, help in balancing one’s mood, strengthen the immune system, increase energy levels, decrease anxiety, increase general happiness, increase clarity of mind and ease in decision making. Most of all, it creates an awareness of an inner world and a realization of where true happiness comes come.

All sounds wonderful right? Then why don’t we do it?

Most people find it quite difficult to meditate, and need to be taught step by step. Meditation doesn’t mean sitting down in lotus position (with your legs crossed), closing your eyes and thinking of nothing. It is a skill that needs to be learnt and this course will give you some tools that will help you learn how to meditate every day so that you can start to feel all of these amazing benefits.

This course sets the foundation for a meditation practice and is aimed at those starting out with their practice. For those who would like to meditate but have no idea where to begin, or for those who have experienced 5 or so minutes of meditation after a Yoga class but would like to take it to the next level.
By the end of the course you would have learnt how to meditate for 15 minutes at least per day.
You will also learn the fundamentals of what you can do in your every day life that will improve your ability to meditate effectively
In each session we will meditate using the tools given per week, thereafter you will have an opportunity to ask any questions that may arise.

Level – beginners to intermediate level.

21.01.2017 + 28.01.2017 + 04.02.2017 + 11.02.2017

6:45pm – 8:15pm

Course Includes
4 × 90 min sessions per week with Cherryl, Course manual, 1 Guided Audio Meditation

Termine: Sa 21.01. – Sa 28.01. – Sa 04.02.2017 – Sa 11.02.
Kurszeit: 18:45 bis 20:15 Uhr
Ort: Yoga Studio Schwabing, Schellingstr. 63
Kosten: 140,00 EUR

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dharmaKaya Weekend Workshops in BASEL
to Oct 17

dharmaKaya Weekend Workshops in BASEL

The workshop modules will be presented in the form of a Master Class, which means an explanation and introduction to the DharmaKaya Yoga Anchor followed by an asana practice, which integrates the understanding of the theory into physical practice.


October 15th-16th

Cherryl Duncan is back with her DharmaKaya Method,

 teaching the saturday morning class, as well as hosting 2 workshops.


Saturday October 15th





This anchor is about acknowledging that we are not just one thing at one time. It’s about

starting to see the world in it’s many wonderful and colourful contradictions, and that starts

with ourselves, accepting that we can be many things at the same time. That nothing is wholly

bad or wholly good for that matter. Appreciating the fluctuating nature of good things gone

bad and bad things turning good.


Sunday October 16th


Belief in Self

Self-belief is developed from inside, it’s your power base of energy that you

were born with. Most people are unaware they have this power, and rely, especially within the

yoga context, on a guru, or an authority outside of themselves. While teachers and mentors

continually inspire and guide us, we don’t rely on them to put us in contact with supreme

consciousness. Instead this method encourages a direct and personal relationship with

consciousness develops and empowers the student to embrace their inherent power.



65 chf / 50 chf reduced

sign up for both: 108 chf / 85 chf student

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An afternoon of Mindfulness at Adidas
2:00 PM14:00

An afternoon of Mindfulness at Adidas

 I am very excited to be facilitating a mindfulness seminar for Adidas in the middle of the Bavarian Forest at Ödof.

It is truly encouraging to see big brands like Adidas take on the Mindfulness challenge in an effort to create a happier, healthier and therefore more productive work environment.

If you also want you company to join the Mindful Revolution, then email me directly on cherryl@cherrylduncan.com and I will happily come and give an introduction session for free! 



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Yoga Retreat Poros- Greece
to Oct 1

Yoga Retreat Poros- Greece

  • Golden View Beach hotel (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

YogaMare Exclusiv Gruppenreise... im 3***Golden View Beach Hotel

EMAIL indra@yogamare-travel.de to book your place!!

Eine Woche zum Auftanken unter griechischer Sonne im blühenden Frühling und kulinarischen Mezé Erlebnissen in lokalen Tavernen auf der Insel Poros.

Die einzigartige Ruhe und Stille auf der Insel Poros sowie das tiefblaue Meer, die immergrünen Pinienwälder, in Verbindung mit Yoga, lassen Dich vollkommen entspannt in den Alltag zurückkehren.

Cherryl Duncan kehrt 2016 wieder zurück nach Poros und freut sich auf eine Woche mit von ihr ganz persönlich konzipierten DharmaKaya Yoga.

DharmaKaya Yoga ist sehr körperlich und auch spirituell orientiert mit einer tiefegehenden, langsamen und genussvollen Praxis. Genussvoll in dem Sinne, dass Sie sich sehr intensiv auf die unterschiedlichen Empfindungen, die Sie während der Praxis erfahren, konzentrieren. Auf diese Weise wird die 'normale' Praxis zu einer sehr innigen,  und persönlichen, transformativen Erfahrung. Zudem spielt der Atem im DharmaKaya Yoga eine große Rolle, da uns der Atem ermöglicht, zu fühlen und wahrzunehmen. Weitere Details finden Sie auf Cherryl's Homepage!

Mezé ... die Vielfalt der griechischen Küche. Wir besuchen verschiedene Lokale auf der Insel. Vegetarische, Fisch- und traditionelle Hausmannsgerichte spiegeln Griechenlands kulinarische Vielfalt wider. Jeder bedient sich nach Lust, Laune und Geschmack und probiert, was noch unbekannt ist. Eine spannende Reise durch die köstliche Welt des Gastlandes dieser Woche.


  • Anreise
  • Gemeinsames Abendessen & Kennenlernen im Hotel


  • 7.30-9.00 Yoga
  • Informationstreff mit örtlicher Reiseleitung (Informationen zur Insel und Umgebung, optionale Ausflugsmöglichkeiten, Tipps für sportliche Aktivitäten
  • Fahrräder stehen ab heute jedem Teilnehmer kostenlos zur Verfügung
  • Erkundung des malerischen Hauptortes Poros auf eigene Faust oder chillen am Strand
  • Gemeinsames Abendessen in einer nahgelegenen typischen Taverne „mit Meerblick". Erleben Sie die Vielfältigkeit der griechischen Küche auf einer kulinarischen Reise mit vielen MEZE!


  • 7.30-9.00 Yoga
  • Zeit zur freien Verfügung
  • 17.00-18.30 Uhr Yoga
  • Gemeinsames Abendessen in einer lokalen Taverne unter dem Motto „griechisch-vegetarisch"


  • 7.30-9.00 Yoga
  • Ruhetag ... oder mit dem Rad die anderen Strände der Insel entdecken
  • Abendessen in einer traditionellen Taverne, versteckt in den Gassen der Stadt.
  • Ein Boot bringt Sie direkt vom Hotel zur Stadt Poros. Nach dem Abendessen individuelle Rückkehr zum Hotel oder Verlängerung des Abends in einem der vielen Cafés an der Küstenpromenade


  • 7.30-9.00 Yoga Zeit zur freien Verfügung
  • Zeit zur freien Verfügung
  • Gemeinsames Abendessen im Hotel oder einer lokalen Taverne


  • 7.30-9.00 Yoga
  • Zeit zur freien Verfügung
  • Gegen Abend eine kleine Radtour in das Städtchen mit einer Wanderung (ca. 30 Minuten) hoch über der Stadt unter dem Motto „andere Ausblicke" mit anschließendem Abendessen in den Gassen der Stadt.


  • 7.30-9.00 Yoga
  • Zeit zur freien Verfügung
  • 17.00-18.30 Uhr Yoga
  • Gemeinsames Abendessen auf der Hotelterrasse


  • Abreise oder individuelle Verlängerung

Der Yogakurs findet an verschiedenen Örtlichkeiten im Hotel statt – je nach Wind-, Sonnen-, Wetterlage entweder auf der Terrasse, am Pool oder am Bootsanleger des Hotels. Sollte Yoga an den Outdoor Locations wetterbedingt nicht durchgeführt werden können, steht ein Innenbereich zur Verfügung.

Zu den Abendessen außerhalb des Hotel benutzen wir die Fahrräder, Wandern oder organisieren auf Wunsch einen Taxitransfer gegen Extrakosten zum/vom Restaurant.

Fakultative Ausflüge - buchbar vor Ort

Ausflug in das malerische Örtchen Nafplion, der ersten Hauptstadt des modernen Griechenlands. Wandern Sie auf den Spuren von König Otto von Griechenland, vorbei an Erinnerungen an die türkische Herrschaft und fühlen Sie sich teils wie in Italien...
Auf der Fahrt Abstecher zum Antiken Theater von Epidaurus!

Ausflug zur Vulkanhalbinsel Methana. Die Fahrt führt entlang der Küste durch kleine ursprüngliche Dörfer und langsam in die Höhenlagen der Insel. Eine ca. 40 min. Wanderung führt Sie bis zur Kraterspalte, ein ganz besonderer Energieort für eine eventuelle kleine Meditationseinheit.
Nach dem Abstieg erwartet Sie eine kleine Stärkung und Erfrischungen in der „Vulkan-Taverne". Anschließend Ruhepause an den natürlichen Heilwasserbecken.
Entspannung mit Spa unter freiem Himmel! oder Besuch des Kurhauses mit Schwefelbädern. Nach einem Spaziergang entlang der Promenade von Methana oder einem Kaffee am Hafen Rückfahrt nach Poros.

Ausflug nach Hydra, der malerischen autofreien Nachbarinsel. Schlendern durch die Gassen, entdecken der Geschichte im Museum und Sprung von den Klippen in das kristallklare Wasser.

Segeltörn oder Bootsfahrt rund um Poros mit Picknick und Badepausen.

930 EUR

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dharmaKaya Weekend Workshops in Düsseldorf
to Sep 10

dharmaKaya Weekend Workshops in Düsseldorf


Am 09. September 2016 von 18.00 bis 20.30 Uhr DharmaKaya Workshop Teil 1 "Insight"

Am 10. Septrember 2016 von 10.30 bis 13.00 Uhr DharmaKaya Workshop Teil 2 "Paradoxes"


DharmaKaya Yoga ist in fünf Aspekten verankert, die die grundlegende Philosophie der Methode präsentieren: Erkenntnis, Authentizität, Paradoxon, Verantwortlichkeit, Glaube an sich selbst.

Die DharmaKaya Workshops fokussieren sich auf die folgenden zwei Aspekte:

Teil 1 - ERKENNTNIS: Erkenntnisse gewinnen wir, wenn wir ohne Wertung beobachten. Beobachten mit einer solchen Konzentration, dass wir die Dinge sehen, wie sie sind, ohne die Filter der eigenen Wahrnehmung. Je länger und tiefgründiger deine Beobachtung, desto mehr Information erscheint dir. Der Effekt dieses Verhaltens nennt sich Erkenntnis. Als Yogi beobachten wir unser Selbst, unser Bewusstsein, unseren Körper um zunächst uns und dann die Welt um uns herum besser verstehen zu können.

Teil 2 -  PARADOXON: Hier geht es um das Anerkennen, dass wir nie nur eine Sache sind. Ziel ist es, die Welt in all ihren wunderbaren Widersprüchlichkeiten zu sehen, beginnend bei uns selbst und unserer eigenen Vielfalt. Nichts ist ausschließlich gut oder schlecht. Es gilt, die veränderliche Natur der Dinge schätzen zu lernen, dass aus Schlechtem Gutes entstehen kann und umgekehrt.

Beide Workshops werden alle typischen Elemente der DharmaKaya Methode enthalten: Bewegung und Stille, Energiearbeit, Atemübungen, Meditation und Philosophie.

Ein Workshop - Erkenntnis oder Paradoxon - kostet 50€. Beide Workshops kosten zusammen 90€. Es ist wundervoll beide Workshops im Zusammenhang zu erleben, doch auch einzeln wirken sie komplett und sind gut verständlich. Die Workshops werden auf Englisch gehalten.

Visit  http://www.karmakarma.de/ to register

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Magnificently REAL Seminar - Munich
to May 22

Magnificently REAL Seminar - Munich

  • Prancing Leopard Studio (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Prepare to go on a journey to the very heart of what guides your decisions, fuels your reactions and determines how you respond to the challenges in your life. Cherryl has developed a 4 step method to living life authentically and more importantly a way to express who you are more effectively, creatively and compassionately. Based on her book Magnificently Real, the workshop is designed to lead you through the 4 steps starting with reaction and moving on through the feeling, acceptance and finally onto communication.

You will leave with a greater understanding of any challenging situation you choose to bring (or not) to the table and better yet, an ability to express that understanding either with others or through creative action.

The session runs over two days from 1-5 on Saturday and 1-5 on Sunday

Each session will start with a relaxing yoga class (All levels welcome) and we will run the seminar with short breaks in between.

What others had to say:

This book is a straightforward and simple method of getting to the crux of our emotions, sounds easy in essence, but actually is incredibly difficult. At times you think you know why you feel a certain way but by implementing the four step process you uncover some startling home truths. I enjoyed the personal story and background too it gave the method a human face and context. Far too often we wear a mask for a myriad of reasons and this stops us from having authentic relationships and experiences. Read the book and drop your mask you will not be sorry . It was well written and a quick read, I highly recommend it.~ Jenifer Steyn


  • 20th and 21st May 2016


  • 1-5pm both days


  • Prancing Leopard Studio (54 Müllerstrasse, Munich)


  • Comfortable clothes for yoga, an extra note book 


  • Seminar plus course materials
  • A signed copy of Magnificently Real


  • 108 EUR! PAID IN FULL BY the 13th MAY 2016

EMAIL: cherryl@cherrylduncan.com






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DharmaKaya Workshop in Düsseldorf
to Apr 9

DharmaKaya Workshop in Düsseldorf

DharmaKaya yoga is based on 5 anchors, which form the foundation for the philosophy of the method: Insight, Paradoxes, Authenticity, Responsibility and Belief in Self.

The DharmaKaya workshops focus on the following two anchors:

Part 1: Insight: Insight is what comes when you keenly observe something without judgement, and that’s the important part, without judgement. To observe something so closely, with so much concentration that you start to see it for what it really is - as opposed to seeing it through your own clouded perception.  The more you watch, and the greater your depth of observation, the more information you can pick up. Insight is the understanding that is gained through doing this. As yoga practitioners we use the study of self, our own minds and bodies to first understand ourselves, and by doing so, understand the world around us.


Part 2: Paradoxes: This anchor is about acknowledging that we are not just one thing at one time. It’s about starting to see the world in it’s many wonderful and colourful contradictions, and that starts with ourselves, accepting that we can be many things at the same time. That nothing is wholly bad or wholly good for that matter. Appreciating the fluctuating nature of good things gone bad and bad things turning good.



You can expect to find the following elements in the DharmaKaya Workshops:

Breath: Breath practiced in conjunction with movement will be used as a purifying tool, essentially as a moving meditation that helps to build heat. This has a detoxifying and uplifting effect on the body and mind. Natural breathing technique is used as a way to truly feel the more subtle, energetic aspects of the practice.


Movement and Stillness: DharmaKaya yoga uses a combination of flowing movement as well as an opportunity to be still. Both elements are essential for experiencing that in us which changes and transforms, and that in us, which is forever constant, and without change.


Energy Work: You will learn how to use Prana (our vital life force) in a way that encourages deeper experiences of the nature of the mind and that which is beyond the mind. We all have Prana but we don’t all know how to cultivate, protect and channel it properly.


Meditation: The whole purpose of practicing yoga asana (the physical form) is to prepare us for meditation. It is only through stillness that we are able to gain access to greater awareness and a deeper, more fulfilling experience of life – not only on the yoga mat, but in our life.


Philosophical Element: You will be exposed to the philosophy of yoga. Thought that has been handed down from ancient lineages as well as by modern mystics. Thought that is both uplifting and helpful with a focus on belief in Self, Authentic Expression, Connection and Evolution of the individual Spirit.


About Cherryl: Cherryl Duncan has been inspiring change for over 10 years. An internationally trained and recognised teacher of yoga, eastern philosophy and a catalyst for authentic living and expression, Cherryl created her own method of yoga called DharmaKaya. After years of teaching as an 800 hour Advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, Cherryl refined her own style to include the 12 years of study in other fields such as Tibetan Buddhism, Western Philosophy, as well as the close and brutal study of her own psyche.


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Teaching at OneYoga Basel
to Mar 29

Teaching at OneYoga Basel

please join Cherryl, Tom, Gabrielle, Ophelie and Chris for all yoga classes this holiday at Oneyoga Basel: 

Thursday March 24th
18:00-19:30 Cherryl Duncan guest teaching: Open all levels
19:45-21:15 Cherryl Duncan: Basics: come learn the art of Sun salutations, turning it upside down, and putting it together. 

Friday March 25th
10:00-11:30 am Cherryl Duncan: open all levels
18:00-19:30 release the week w Thomas

Saturday March 26th
10:00-11:30 am Cherryl Duncan open all levels

Sunday March 27th
10-12:00 Gabrielle Dussy special yoga and meditation Easter morning class
17:30-19:00 Ophelie Cabanero: Yin yoga

Monday March 28th
9:30-11:00 core flow w Christopher Ekelund
18:00-19:30 Cherryl Duncan open all levels

Tuesday March 29th
10:00-11:30 am Cherryl Duncan open all levels

all drop ins / regular abos apply. 

We hope to see you over the holidays.


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