The price of 'The examined life'

The price of an examined life is a certain amount of sorrow, that’s just a fact.

I think a lot of people are trying to skip past that or skate over the surface or just zone out on a screen, and I think the spiritual revolution and to a large extent, the yoga world, is also guilty for a lot of what has come to be known as spiritual bypassing – Grandiose and falsely positive statements in an effort to avoid the difficulty and the darkness.

This is short- sighted and quite frankly ineffective.

But part of the reason I love the work that I do, the work I do as a coach, teacher, writer and speaker is just to bare witness to everything that life is.  A lot of it is unspeakably beautiful, but there are going to be dark times and we’re all going to have to face them before we get through them.

And that’s where I feel I do my best work – as a kind of authentic and honest witness to it all.




Cherryl DuncanComment