My 'Why?'

I listen to a podcast called How I built this – a show that features innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists and the stories behind the movements they built.

Just this morning I was listening to the story of John Zimmer and how he built Lyft. A company that helped make ride-hailing a fixture of American urban living.

In response to a question on why he is so competitive, he says, ‘We’re out to win, but we’re out to win for the values we represent’.

And I was like YES!

I’m all about values. Defining your own, really though, thinking about them, throwing out ones that don’t work, taking on new ones, throwing them out again, until you have a set you can honestly, hand on heart (even when no one’s looking) live by.

That’s what I did when I created dharmaKaya®

At a time in my life when I needed every philosophy, practice, ritual, faith and whatever else I had trained in and learnt, I realised with shocking clarity that most of it didn’t actually work.

Another freethinking kindred spirit friend of mine said just today, Yoga alone won’t save your fucking life.

Right??!! I yelled (too loudly) this is how I’ve felt for a long time now.

I also told him I’d steal the line and use it as my own. So there it is.

Not only Yoga alone, but the many different philosophies, religions, practices etc  I found either out-dated , too convoluted to grasp or in reality completely unattainable.

So, just 3 years ago, I threw everything out (along with my own belief in my self) and started from the very beginning.

That is how dharmaKaya® was born; a system to Self Mastery that took me from being on the verge of being kicked out of Germany, living on friend’s sofas, knocking on yoga studio’s doors (and by the way, being rejected) to being financially independent, doing what I love, a schedule so full I have to turn people away, but much much more importantly, a system I believe in. A system that I use and live by.

I have taken some ancient ideas and made them relevant.

There is incredible wisdom that we can use from the ancient teachings of yoga, Buddhism, psychology and mysticism, but not all are relevant or even helpful to our culture and our age.

It is my mission to share what has worked and continues to work for me, and that it was I teach. It is not a path to enlightenment, but it is a path to

Greater Awareness

Greater Confidence

Personal Power

Better and more fulfilling relationships

Better health and vitality

Better sleep

And Creating the life you want

dharmaKaya® is also not about yogic acrobatics, the yoga scene and a green juice, gluten free, peace and Namaste health fad.

It is an authentic and modern expression of some old and deep philosophies delivered in a way that is useful, relevant and always, always remembers to not take itself too seriously.

In a world where we have found a way to use ancient paths to liberation as another means to oppression and a measure against impossible standards, I feel it is critical that we find a more compassionate and realistic approach to personal freedom.

I cannot tell you how many conversations I have with yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, health coaches and even business coaches, living under the tyranny of over inflated ideas of perfectionism, too afraid to admit to drinking cows milk in a cappuccino (even worse if it didn’t come in a bamboo, recycled cup) too afraid to have a negative thought, less someone catch them out on their unenlightened state, beating themselves up when they don’t get to their yoga mat, or have an hour meditation practice daily, or don’t have a mantra, or haven’t met their guru,,, the list goes on.

This is the opposite of liberation.

This is not enlightenment.

So this is my big fat WHY I do what I do.

I hope you will join me on this incredible journey to self knowledge ... and it is my sincere belief, that the deeper the relationship to and knowledge of self, the deeper the relationship to and knowledge of the world around you.









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