The importance of Play

As you know, I’ve recently moved my home base to Zürich, but have spent exactly 5 days there since I arrived, after a wonderful holiday in South Africa, a short trip to Italy and this week here in the mountains.

Next week takes me to Munich where I will be teaching and coaching mostly privately, with one public event at the Yoga an Engel in Bogenhausen.

This is a very special workshop in that it integrates a key component of my Self Mastery coaching program. This will also be taught in the upcoming dharmaKaya® teacher training program happening in 2019. The key component is simply PLAY!

Did you know that playing is an essential ingredient to being happy?
If you don’t believe me, just think of a world where there is no play.

There would be irony, no books, no movies, no art, no jokes, no flirting, no daydreaming, no comedy, no irony! – how awful!

The sad truth however, is that as we adult more and more we lose the ‘skill’ of play. We don’t trust ourselves to spontaneously engage in play because we were told it’s inappropriate, or we have to work more, succeed more, and basically get on with it.

I have recently been inspired to look at play and realised that a great place to start, is to look at my own childhood and remember the most joyous moments. I ask myself the question, what kinds of play did I love the most? When was I completely absorbed in the moment, doing something that had no other purpose, other than because it was fun.

As a child I was obsessed with alternate realities (That hasn’t changed) and my most fun activities where building different worlds (In my cupboard, in the garden, behind walls, or just simply imagining a portal I could easily step through where everything was magic).

I also loved running in the rain, jumping in puddles, dancing and being very active using my body.

Did you know there are different kinds of play? (According to fancy doctors that study this stuff from a scientific perspective).

To name a few, there are

Object play

Rough and Tumble



Our fascination with being airborne

To name a few…


Sometimes it’s fun to play with others, (more social play that invites trust and builds relationships) and sometimes it’s fun to play on our own.

What is your special play history? And how can you infuse your personal play patterns into your life?

This is one of the topics I delve into when you sign up for my coaching program, but next week I’ll be bringing the element of play into my work, into the yoga space.

Let your curiosity guide you on this one and if you’re sensing that you’ve lost a little bit of joy in your continued journey to achieve, then this is exactly the medicine you’ll be needing. I can’t wait to share this with you; it’s going to be so much fun- at the very least for me :-)



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