Fear or Faith

The most costly energy consequences come from acting out of fear. Even when choices made from fear lead us to what we desire, they generally also produce unwanted side effects. These surprises teach us that choosing from fear transgresses our trust in Divine guidance. We all do live, at least periodically, within the illusion that we are in charge of our lives.


These are words from Caroline Myss – A medical intuitive and contributor to the evolution of human consciousness.


I have had the good fortune, let’s be optimistic, of dealing with a number of lawyers in the last few weeks. The reasons are certainly not important but the symbolic power of what they represent for me is. Lawyers, and let me briefly sate, I am lucky enough to have been dealing with the nice, kind versions thereof, are nonetheless representative of making decisions based on fear. Worse case scenario thinking.


Needless to say, they, the lawyers, are necessary but I need to keep checking in with myself so as not to get carried away on the rush of fear-based thinking. It’s tempting, because, as Caroline Myss says, we can easily fall into the trap of thinking we are ultimately in control. The kind of thinking that goes ‘if I just have the smartest, most lethal lawyer then everything will be fine and I will be safe’. I can hear Divinity chuckling to herself at the stupidity of this thinking. It’s very simple. If we were truly completely in control of everything then we could never get sick, we would never have a bad day and we certainly wouldn’t need things like lawyers. If you’ve ever tried surfing, you will know what I mean. You can try as much as like, be the strongest swimmer in the world, but if you are not able to surrender to the will of the ocean and to ride WITH the waves, tides and currents, you will fail, and quite possibly drown, to be blunt.


So, what is the alternative? Making choices based on faith. What does that mean exactly?


In almost every spiritual tradition there comes a point at which the spiritual aspirant must surrender to some kind of higher power. I’m going to go ahead and call my interpretation of this higher power Spirit. Just because I like the name and it makes sense to me because it’s something I feel, more than see.  Surrender is probably, me included, one of the most difficult things to do (more difficult than supta kurmasana) and yet, when we do, even just for a moment, Spirit is allowed to enter and magic things start happening. I’ve heard the expression but mostly ignored it because I wasn’t exactly sure what it meant, but it goes something like ‘When you take one step towards God, God takes two steps towards you’. I would like to change that and say when you take one step towards Spirit; Spirit takes 10 quirky, humorous, surprising, delightful steps towards you. But, it’s a terrifying first step on our part, to genuinely surrender our will, our control and our fear- based strategies into the hands of something we can’t see (for most of us this is true).


So the question is, will you make decisions, the big and the small, out of fear, or out of faith?


In the yoga method I’ve created called DharmaKaya, I address the topic of Belief in Self as one of the anchors of the method and in my upcoming teacher training (see details here) we explore our relationship to Spirit. What it means for you, personally and how to get into meaningful dialogue for a happier, and freer life.


PS No lawyers were harmed in the writing of this blog

PPS. Sometimes acting from faith requires that you hire a lawyer (but that’s a whole other blog)

Many blessings on your path.

With so much love and faith










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