10 things I learnt doing weird stuff in Brazil

I’m back from Brazil after what can only be described as epic.
I spent two weekends in a Candomblé house participating in rituals which involve a lot of singing, dancing, drums and rituals which culminate in the creation of a lot of energy. I have never experienced such strong energy as directly as I did these two weekends in Rio.
Yoga and meditation and my eternal quest for transcendence certainly played a role in rendering me open enough for this intense, and sometimes scary, but ultimately enlightening experience.

It’s hard to put into words, without going into explicit details of what happened and exactly how I felt, but I will share some insights I’ve come home with, from a psychological/spiritual as well as cultural perspective.

This is how I explore the world, and how I bring ideas that work into my coaching, my classes, my trainings and my writing, It’s been such a privilege to take the time to journey into another world, Maybe you can relate to some of these insights.

1. Too much freedom can also be a cage.

For someone obsessed (perhaps too much ) with the idea of freedom on all fronts, this was something that came as a surprise idea.. Too much freedom? I honestly didn’t think this was possible. I saw how this has played out in my own life, and while living somewhat liberated, I am more aware now of how an imbalance of freedom in terms of always seeking an exit can also cause a kind of chaos that can lead to a feeling, paradoxically of feeling trapped. I’ll leave you to ponder that one on your own. You can also pop me a mail and we can have a chat about it.

2. Sometimes it’s important to engage in small talk, soft talk and meandering agendas; to let go of a strict time/goal focus in order to genuinely connect with another person and learn something truly beautiful.

3. I’m very good at beginnings and ends, it’s time to spend more time in the middle.

4. I am deeply, soulfully connected with the ocean and with the forest and need to spend more time in either or both.

5. Never pass a knife to someone directly in the hand, it may cause a fight :-)

6. I am completely on the right path. My work is good, it’s beneficial and it’s what I’m meant to be doing,

7. There is always a reason to celebrate

8. There are forces and energies beyond what we can see. They are at work within and around us and they are available to us if we stay open enough for a path according to our true soul’s desire.

9. Brazil has by far the best Caipirinhas I’ve every tasted. And If you freeze coconut water in a big ice cube tray and add it to whiskey,.... you can taste a bit of Rio in a glass.

10. Family is a wonderful thing. No matter how weird or annoying they are. Everyone needs to feel like they will be loved no matter what. Family also doesn’t need to mean your blood relatives.

I’m still a bit jet-lagged so taking a few days to ease back into life back home, but I start already next week with a full ‘Become coach’ program. I’m then off to Greece again for another ‘Become a coach - 10 day intensive training’ and then I’ll finally be back in Munich for the whole of Fall and Winter. I look forward to seeing you if you’re in Munich then.


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