Hidden Answers to all your problems

The point of meditation, according to ancient yoga texts like the Bhagavad Gita, is to make the unconscious conscious. That means, stilling the mind often enough and for long enough to allow things we’re not aware of, to come to the surface.

We may (definitely do) have unresolved issues, but they don’t normally occupy our minds because our conscious mind is dominating our field of perception.

We busy ourselves with our lives on a fairly superficial level and use our bouquet of distractions to push away any whispers from the unconscious that may be trying to break through via uncomfortable feelings or sometimes even seemingly bizarre thoughts. And that’s ok. Well it’s ok if you’re wanting to live a life based on just getting through and hoping that life will somehow produce more pleasure moments instead of pain ones.

But, if you’re interested in enjoying greater freedom in life and really thriving, then there’s a bit of work to do.  Meditation is an incredibly effective tool in making us happier, and here’s why.


With meditation, we give the conscious mind something specific to do. Gradually we start to observe the unconscious stuff start to surface, in other words, we become aware of the things we weren’t thinking.


These can be things we’ve forgotten, things we need to do, ideas and inspirations about problems we didn’t see solutions for before; at a deeper level it can be emotional issues that aren’t settled; and while that might sound terrifying, we actually do want this.

Yes we do.

I remember telling my father I was going to do a 10 day silent meditation retreat (14 hours a day of meditation) to which he replied, with genuine surprise, and probably a little (a lot) of concern, ‘What on earth would you want to do that for?’

That was 10 years ago. He no longer asks this question :-)

Our conscious mind can only cover a very tiny part of our reality, and access to our Higher self, solutions, insight, our inner teacher or guide, the field of awareness, Spirit (call it what you will) – that part of us that is the source of the mind not tainted by our (and the world’s) perceptions only becomes possible through practices like meditation. 

Obviously the longer you meditate, the more often you meditate, the deeper access you gain. So, in my mind, the only question to answer is: How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? :-)

Even if you choose to use meditation at the reduced stress/better sleep/solutions-to- problems level, it’s still bloody worthwhile.  

Cherryl DuncanComment