An internationally delivered coach training program facilitated by Cherryl Duncan with more than 15 years of global experience as a yoga teacher, workshop/and seminar facilitator. You can be assured of the highest standard of training. Follow these 3 steps to become a qualified and certified Self Mastery Coach.

Step 1:

Sign up for the 10 week Private Coaching/Group Coaching

Step 2:

Sign up for the 100 hours Coaching Fundamentals

Step 3:

Acquire 3 test clients you will take through the 10 steps to Self Mastery

Record one session from each Client and set up a call for feedback on each one

Book 1 session per week over the 10 week Supervision period for questions and answers

Training Includes:

All course material

Training Manual

150 hours (Contact hours and Contact with own clients)

Training Certification

Recorded Yoga Nidra Audio

Hypnotherapy Audio Track

Access to up to date yoga video and audio files

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Online Yoga Philosophy Course

5 Yoga Philosophy sessions + 1 individual coaching session

Learn about ancient Eastern philosophy and how it intersects with Modern day psychology, Western philosophy and a touch of Mysticism.

Learn How this wisdom can help you see things in a different way, redefine some outdated values, and live with more awareness and a greater sense of purpose.

In this Course you’ll learn about

Insight: How you can see things as they really are - beyond your perceptions. This helps us to cultivate a non-reactive state of being. In turn it means better better decisions, better relationships.

Paradox: How to live in the tension between things are true and false at the same time. This helps with a deep acceptance for ourselves and others. It also promotes a more creative and curious mindset.

Responsibility (Karma): What Buddhist believe we’re responsible for. Where does it start, where does it end? We can use this idea to free ourselves from toxic relationships and as a tool for empowering ourselves to create the lie we want.

Belief in Self: What is your genuine connection with Universal consciousness and what does that actually mean? And how is it helpful in our modern lives?

Authenticity: What does it really mean to be authentic? Am I truly authentic in my communication - with myself, in my relationships and in the work I do?

How it works:

The course takes place online over 5 sessions (Each session is 75 minutes long)

The course is held in a group via Video Conferencing

Included is one individual coaching call (Or in person if you’re in Munich)

The dates (Mondays)

8th July - 19:00

15th July - 19:00

29th July - 19:00

5th August - 19:00

12th August - 19:00

What’s Included:

Option 1:

x 5 Online Group Webinars (Live Video conferencing)

Electronic Manual/Work Book

Guided Meditation Audio download


Option 2:

x 5 Online Group Webinars (Live Video conferencing)

Printed Course Manual/Workbook

Guided Meditation Audio download

Cost: €319

Option 3:

x 5 Online Group Webinars (Live Video conferencing)

x 1 Individual Coaching Session (In person or via video )

Printed and Electronic Manual/Work Book

Guided Meditation Audio download

Cost: €389

Registration is essential

Payment on registration