Imagine you could be happy, completely independent of your external circumstances? It’s often during times of change where we find ourselves questioning our beliefs, our purpose, and our true sense of self. We may find ourselves asking what our deep passion really is, or wondering if we could be happier, more fulfilled or healthier. We may question our definition of success and feel that we could be achieving in a way that perhaps allows for more time, more money or both.


Sometimes the change comes at us; we’re forced to change jobs, we lose a loved one, or we don’t get what we want, despite how hard we’ve worked for something. There are so many things that can really throw us off our balance. And,

Self Mastery is about developing the internal resilience to handle life when it comes at you in a way you didn’t possibly expect. It’s also about taking an active role in our live a life with more meaning, joy and inner freedom.

It’s not about achieving a constant state of unrealistic happiness, realising that happiness is not a consistent state of being; but rather a deep knowledge and a deep confidence within that we can handle anything that comes our way, and that’s Self Mastery; independent of anything that happens around us, so that we can take more risks, we can believe more in our dreams, we can achieve the things we want to achieve and not be afraid to at least try. The tools I use are small, daily practices, when practiced consistently, give you that.. This absolute belief and freedom that allows you to handle whatever comes. 


With Cherryl’s extensive experience and knowledge in the philosophies of Yoga, modern day psychology,

Western philosophy and mysticism, she has put together a system to Self Mastery whereby she helps people reach specific goals, be it relationships, work , purpose and meaning or uprooting limiting beliefs around what it means to be truly happy and fulfilled, and changing them in a way that has a real and lasting impact on their life.

 She is now offering this system as a course for those wanting to learn how to coach others in this system.

This course is only open to yoga teachers and requires a short interview to assess experience and intention ** Exceptions will be made on a case by base basis


This course will equip you to:

·       Give quality private and group coaching sessions based on the Self Mastery system

·       Know and understand your own psyche and motivation better

·       Help others reach their goals

·       Improve your own communication/presentation/relationship skills

·       Learn the business of what it takes to really make it as a financially independent coach


Course Content:

  • Yoga Nidra and the Power of Intention

  • The role of a coach

  • The important of creativity and the art of play

  • Magnificently Real and Authenticity (ref. Magnificently Real

  • Dynamics and skill of group facilitation

  • Holding space, Values of a coach and healthy boundaries

  • Out of fear and into desire – Hunting for self limiting beliefs

  • Positive Psychology and the importance of Sleep

  • Developing authentic empathy

  • The power of projection and how to avoid it

  • Different kinds of motivation and how to work with them

  • Developing listening skills

  • How to give and receive feedback

Dates and Times: (Schubertstrasse 4, Munich)

·       19.10 - 09:00 - 17:00

·       26.10 - 09:00 - 17:00

·       27.10 - 09:00 - 17:00

·       02.11 - 09:00 - 17:00

·       03.11 - 09:00 - 17:00

·       04.11 - 09:00 - 17:00

·       05.11 - 09:00 - 13:00

Course structure:

100 Hours (60 contact hours) – Attendance Certificate at the foundation level (Not yet able to coach)

Course Cost:

€2499 (Including VAT)

 Full Payment upfront is required to book your place on the training by the 1st October 2019.

The student needs to then complete the 10 weeks personal coaching (Either privately or in a group)

Private: €2380

Group: €940

This can be done either before or after the course at the student’s own time

(The next group training starts early January 2020)


And the move onto the final stage of qualification, which is to take on their own clients under supervision


Supervision and how it works.

As an almost qualified coach, you have completed the 100 Hours coaching program and the 10 weeks either

private or group coaching, you will be ready to take on your own test clients under supervision.

You will need to facilitate 10 weeks for each of the clients (depending on your schedule)

and check in once a week per client for Supervision with Cherryl Duncan.

One session from each client needs to be recorded- feedback will be given

Feedback for 3 Recorded Sessions is €150

And a weekly check in supervision session will need to be set up over the period you are doing your test coaching.

Each session is priced at €50 (if you are doing more than 1 client a week) this will work

out more cost effective for you.