300 hour Apprenticeship Program with Cherryl Duncan

The Apprentice program is designed for students who have already completed the 200 hour DharmaKaya foundation training and would like to advance their education and teaching skills.

On completion of the 300 hours, the student will be considered a 500 hour certified DharmaKaya yoga teacher at the senior level.

The apprenticeship can be completed in no less than 3 months but is up to the apprentice thereafter how long they wish to take to complete the 300 hour requirements.

Because of the nature of the program, the relationship between mentor and apprentice becomes a very close and special one; therefore it is essential that it is a ‘good fit’. A letter of intention is required from the apprentice so that he/she is clear of his/her intention and the mentor can decide if they are the right choice for the applicant. This letter can be emailed directly to cherryl@cherrylduncan.com

A brief outline of the required hours

·       Attendance of 50 classes time (75hours)

·       Assisting in 30 classes (45 hours)

·       20 ICP's ( 30 hours)

·       Business/student relationship skills - 25 hours

·       Assignments and Reading - 25 hours

·       Non-contact hours -  prep (100 hours)

** Non-contact hours (Homework and preparation, time spent without the guidance of the mentor)


 To apply, send the letter of intention to Cherryl Duncan for review. Once the aspiring student is accepted to the program the total fee of 1800 EUR has to be transferred.