10 weeks to Self Mastery

A 10 week yoga based coaching program for creating life of meaning, resilience and freedom

The dharmaKaya® system to self mastery is a collection of ideas, tools and practices taken from the ancient yogic and eastern philosophy traditions and made relevant and modern for today’s culture.

Begin the journey to creating a life of more meaning, happiness and freedom

The Ideas:

1. Insight

It’s only when we observe ourselves without judgement that we are able to bring unconscious habits that are no longer serving us into our field of awareness. Once we are well practiced in that, we are able to change and shape the lives we want. Some people call this mindfulness, I’ve taken from the Buddhist practice of vipassana (insight).

2. Authenticity

 Authenticity is at the heart of this method. Based on a book I wrote, Magnificently Real, I encourage people to develop the courage to be completely authentic in not only their decisions and what they do with their lives, but more importantly, in the way they communicate with others. This almost always leads to a more creative life a more liberating existence and improved relationships, be it professional or personal.

3. Ultimate Responsibility

 This is an idea that takes us firmly out of being the victims of circumstance. We are the ones ultimately responsible for our lives. What happens and how we choose to respond to all situations. It’s about taking ourselves our of the blaming habit which leads to powerlessness and rather empowering ourselves with radical responsibility, while, at the same time, paradoxically, understanding the whole world is not within our control and finding the balance between the two.

4. Paradoxes

 This anchor is about acknowledging that we are not just one thing at one time. It’s about starting to see the world in its many wonderful and colourful contradictions, starting with ourselves. Accepting that we are many things at the same time. Understanding that nothing is wholly bad or wholly good. Appreciating the fluctuating nature of good things gone bad and bad things turning good. The Yin and Yang symbol being a perfect representation of this.

5. Belief in Self

 Cultivating a personal relationship with consciousness and a belief in oneself.  It’s the place we go to understand our deepest self.  It’s the part of us that acknowledges our spiritual aspect and connection to something ultimately greater than our ego. This is deeply personal and the dharmaKaya® method acknowledges each and every journey as being an individual one. Therefore it is not dogmatic, nor a religion. It is a method to life that enhances and embraces ones own beliefs be they theistic or otherwise.


The Tools and Practices

1. Meditation – To cultivate insight

A 10-15 minute a day meditation that draws from two different schools of Buddhism


Focus, self awareness, changes deep rooted negative habits, improves empathy and relationships, improves confidence and awakens purpose.

2. Yoga for optimum physical and mental health

An entire system of yoga developed to compliment the method.

The physical practice can be described as slow, focused and challenging. Suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners in that it is slow enough for beginners, intense enough for the more experienced.

By teaching the physical practice together with the philosophical elements, the student is trained in the ability to more effectively observe their own bodies, thoughts, and feelings which leads to greater understanding, acceptance and ultimately love of their own life and their place in relationship; relationship to Self, others and the environment.

3. Sleep

Good sleep is vital to mental and physical health. Most people require 7-8 hours a night. The method involves practices and makes use of hypnotherapy to use sleep as a nightly therapy for optimum mental clarity and remaining optimistic

4. Achieving Goals

The method draws on the ancient yogic practice of yoga nidra, combined with skilful intention setting to achieve specific goals within defined time periods.

** The magic and secret sauce!

Requires 20 mins 4-5 times a week.

5. Play- Developing creativity and enjoyment of life

Tools to incorporate play and make that creative project you’ve been avoiding a reality

6. Authenticity Training/Freedom in Relationship

Using the REAL method outlined in Cherryl’s book, you’ll be taken through the process step by step to identify any relationships or situations that require a more authentic, and therefore liberating effect.


The Program

Week 1

Defining where you are, and where you want to go

Week 2

Understanding conscious or unconscious limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your deepest desires and a more meaningful life

Tools to change deep-rooted beliefs

Week 3 and 4

The importance and power of yoga- Theory and practice

Tools for self- practice (Daily videos for all levels)

Week 5

Introduction to practical mindfulness

Tools to incorporate daily mindfulness techniques to suit your lifestyle

Mindfulness forms the basis of living a life with meaning and while simple in principle, it requires some tools which which form part of the package.

Week 5, 6 and 7

Authenticity Training- Magnificently Real process

How being more authentic in specific relationships.be it professional or personal, can lead to a life of more ease and fulfilment in relationships

Week 8

The importance of play and your creative life

Tools to incorporate play and make that creative project you’ve been avoiding a reality

Week 9

The importance of Sleep and how it can be improved (if necessary)

What is actually happening when we sleep and why is it so important?

A Skype session with Phillip Cohen – Sleep therapy specialist and clinical psychologist along with a hypnotherapy tool kit for better and more restorative sleep

Week 10

Crafting the your customised tool box for self mastery

Reflection and continuing support


Start when you want.

Available in person or over Skype/Zoom

€2380 for entire coaching course 


10 one one one sessions with Cherryl Duncan

All material which is yours to keep

Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra Audio and Video 

One session with Sleep specialist and Hypnotherapy guided audio

Personalised Self Mastery program