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License to live the life you want

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Hi, I’m Cherryl

Coach. Speaker. Author.

And an unapologetic believer in freedom. I have dedicated my life to being happy and part of that means helping you live the life you truly desire.

Based on the material from my book Magnificently Real, I use authenticity as the bases for knowing, accepting and celebrating who you truly are.

Join me on my 10 week program where I give you the tools to:

Know your purpose

Define and Achieve yoga gaols

Live life with greater resilience

Live a life with a deeper sense of meaning, happiness and freedom

Be an excellent and unapologetic communicator


10 weeks to Self Mastery


Become a Yoga Teacher Sept 2019

200 hour dharmaKaya® foundation Teacher Training

A collaboration between Cherryl Duncan and Dale Guthrie of Holism Health

With Cherryl’s extensive experience and knowledge in the philosophies of Yoga, modern day psychology, Western philosophy and mysticism,  and Dale’s experience and knowledge in the field of health, anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and adaptive yoga, they are a team that brings a unique and extensive training that equips you to:


Become a come a Coach

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Public Talks

A big part of being a yoga teacher is realising the responsibility that we have to facilitate more than a pure physical experience; that it’s up to us to keep the entire system of yoga alive, along with its philosophy components. For Cherryl Duncan, it’s the liberating yogic ideas, as well as the powerful energy work that we do that have the capacity to transform lives.

In this 2 day workshop and based on material from her book, Magnificently Real, Cherryl aims to present the 7 factors that need to be present when delivering a talk that engages and hopefully inspires the audience.

1. First and foremost: Be Authentic.
2. Speak about what you know and what you’re obsessively passionate about
3. Focus on the topic, not on what you think other’s are seeing
4. Train in meditation so you can focus on the topic and observe fear and self consciousness as a passing cloud
5. Have a point and stay on it
6. Don’t be afraid of silence
7. Don’t’ take yourself too seriously


Come with me on Retreat

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